Hello. I’m Darren Kisner.
A freelance creative copywriter.

My portfolio is eclectic, reflecting my interests. I make films, develop campaign ideas, but above all, I’m a writer.

My story

2006. I was young, impossibly handsome, quite short. My big break was writing scripts for BBC Bitesize. Since then, I’ve written for some major brands, including British Gas, BT Openreach, EDF, Ford, SEAT, Hitachi and Unilever.

Along the way I’ve developed my writing skills and broadened my experience. I’ve worked in creative teams, independently and as a team leader, in the UK and overseas.

Your story

That’s what I do in a nutshell. Find stories. Everything has a narrative. Every caption, headline, button, brochure or product description. It’s the line of thought that makes sense of what you’re reading or watching. My strength is teasing it out and telling it right.

I do that with long, short and microcopy, tone of voice, treatments, scripts and creative concepts. I communicate complex ideas in accessible ways. I work well with designers and developers to deliver intelligent, coherent results.

16 brands I’ve written for

6 agencies I’ve worked with