SEAT, Barcelona

Digital creative for ad agency, Atletico International

From 2009 I worked in Barcelona as part of a freelance digital creative team with art director Dan Thorpe and strategist Dan Feane.

We worked for ad agency Atletico International (WPP). Our main client was the Spanish car brand, SEAT.

In addition to digital campaigns, I wrote product brochures and editorial content and developed print campaigns.

Shakira and SEAT and me

Shakira was SEAT’s brand ambassador, so she featured in lots of our work. Me and Shakira became firm friends and still speak every day. Okay, that’s not true. The rest is though.

More about Barcelona

I lived and worked in Barcelona for two years. After the original contract finished I continued to work with Atletico and SEAT, as well as doing work for other clients including digital agency Psycle and travel firm Way To Stay.